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Our Beginnings

Guatapé's, Rock & Road Riders Club

Is there a better place to be if you love both cycling and wildlife adventure?  The Rock & Road Riders Club was started by a group of local avid Mountain Bikers, Gravel Bikers, and Road cyclists who’s passion for adventure and discovery has taken us all over Colombia.  Mountain Bikers, Gravel Bikers, and Road Cyclists alike find Colombia to be a paradise of adventure beyond their expectations.

Colombia is where the Andes Mountains splits into three massive ranges that bisect much of the country.  This makes for a wealth of winding uphill climbs, (including the world’s most difficult, Alto de Letras) and hair-raising downhill descents.  For cyclists craving adventure, Colombia also boasts incredible bio-diversity, with a dizzying array of plant and animal life, found mostly off the beaten path.  

Over the years our team has logged thousands of km, exploring some of the most fantastic and real hidden gems of Colombia.  Such as traditional villages, pre-Columbian tombs, spectacular waterfalls and vistas, and places where thousands of beautifully colored birds, butterflies and monkeys abound.  Join us for a cycling adventure of a lifetime here in  Colombia, because Colombia is at once breathtakingly beautiful, challenging and surprisingly affordable, making it a cyclist’s paradise!

Amazing Cycling Excursions

Fully supported cycling excursions for Mountain Bikers, Gravel Bikers and Road Cyclists.

Immense Bio-Diversity

Colombia, is a country of immense natural beauty and bio-diversity.

Memorable Adventures

Breathtaking Discoveries - Share-worthy cycling adventures.

colombia cycling adventure
colombia cycling adventure
colombia cycling adventure

Colombia, Best Explored

Off The Beaten Path

We’re passionate about good healthy food, cool bikes and off the beaten path biking adventures. We believe in the power of bikes to change someone’s life and offer a simple solutions too much of the world’s complex problems.  Whether you’re new to riding or have spent a lifetime in the saddle, we hope you will stop by Casa de Ciclistas, when you’re traveling through Guatapé and learn more about what makes us unique, and what makes our cycling adventures so incredible.

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